Plumb axe dating, collecting axes and antique hatchets

Dating plumb axes

And yet they've long been indispensable tools on the farm. Maybe hang it on the wall. Plumb bought half of the existing firm of Jonathan Yerkes. Research indicates that more than one system of weights and measures existed in Australia up until the mid s. In some situations the patterns varied to suit the preferences of the area to which the axes had been exported.

Soon he had the foundation of a collection. No doubt many axes so marked were never exported which helps explain why they are found stateside. In the company commenced construction of a plant in St. Facsimiles of paper labels used just after Fayette R. No, create an account now.

Representation of impressed marking. Threshers And Engines, married dating australia E-Book. Some were labeled from Philadelphia as well as St.

Antique hatchets and axes don't represent mainstream collectibles, but David says he's not the only person collecting them. Robin Hood Shoes used two variations, Buster Brown had at least five, one of which was only fancy lettering. Labels and stampings used on tools made with the best refined iron with the points and bits being made of cast steel.

Dating plumb axes

Plumb axe dating
  1. Their early handles were made of American Hickory and were finished in what was referred to as a natural finish.
  2. Symbols reported to have been used on Plumb axes sold in Australia.
  3. Plumb marking used as early as the s.

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Dating hand axes

This was based on the color of the head when it was sold. Label and stampings used on tools made with solid cast steel with the points and bits being made of tool steel, how to start online carefully tempered and finished. In others it was to increase sales.

Collecting Axes and Antique Hatchets

He speculates that a spike on one end might have been used to drive pins in mortise and tenon construction. Facsimile of a label specifically used on some of the axes made in St. The most common tools supplied included axes along with picks, mattocks and grub hoes. Each had very specific applications.

Engraved pictures of the manufactories that were included in the Fayette R. One of the supplemental advantages to supplying such axes was the input provided by indigenous choppers. So too did catalog representations. Facsimile of Liberty label as it was used on actual axes. They were more like the eyes used in sledge hammers and picks.

That is to say they were somewhat different from the axes manufactured for the North American trade. While some started as detailed images time often resulted in simplification. In many areas technological developments in Australia took considerably more time. Apparently shortly thereafter Edward A. During the entire span of time that the company was run by the Plumbs, other brands and a wide variety of marks and labels were used.

Collecting Axes and Antique Hatchets - Tools - Farm Collector

Plumb Catalog dated show the works in and with the name of Jonathan Yerkes only. Apparently he was using a Plumb axe when he captured the wood chopping title in that country. Farm Collector is a monthly magazine focusing on antique tractors and all kinds of antique farm equipment. This hatchet was made by or for the Worth company. It was all stamped with the Scout Fleur-de-Lis.

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Indications are that after production by the Plumb division consisted of axes, hatchets, hammers and sledges. It may also be that Plumb manufactured a preponderance of such hatchets but most were not identified with the maker. This hatchet, manufactured by Plumb, was known as a vegetable hatchet or crating hatchet. Some of the etchings had the color red applied within the background area, some were just plain metal or completely black as the head was originally painted.

Another possibility is that the symbol represented a time frame or possibly a specific distributor. Indications are that those territories subsequently were expanded to include other areas considered as parts of the Pacific Rim. Two years later he formed a partnership with an established hammer manufacturer by the name of Jonathan Yerkes. They were not like the elongated narrow axe eyes common to axes used throughout North America. This piece features a single cutting edge.

By some Plumb tools were offered with fiberglass handles. In some cases it was to protect reputations or eliminate warranties. His collection includes shingle hatchets, lathe hatchets, crating hatchets, a trapper's axe, cruiser's axe and even an ice axe. Axes with a star mark as well as some other symbol markings on some examples suggests they were made for the export and possibly the Australian market.

The coating was applied to some hammers and some other one-handed striking tools but not to axe handles. The extent of the overlap is unknown but believed to have been necessary until at least all the stock that included the name Yerkes was depleted. It is a nice all around profile for chopping and splitting. At the time I didn't realize that some of it was no longer being made myself. That reference system may have evolved from the choppers and other people that used the axes and probably not the company itself.

Plumb axes and hatchets
Collectible and Vintage Axes and Hatchets

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From a basic tool of survival to specialized application, antique hatchets and axes have staying power and enduring appeal. The larger square labels depicted above were applied to axes. Production of Plumb files may have been discontinued by that time.

In addition to the coloring of the stampings there were small symbols that were often also stamped into the lower part of the cheek. Whatever the case, the use of Permabonding was included more and more in Plumb striking tools. Like many axe manufacturers, Fayette R.

Antique Axes and Hatchets

But the axe is a multipurpose tool. No problem as long as the wood isn't knotty. More often than not such hatchets had nothing to do with a hardware company or tool distributor. Some of the markings have been identified as being directly related to organizations while some have yet to be connected to any specific group or company.

Plumb axes and hatchets

Scores of hardware concerns sold hatchets with their company logo etched into the head. The eye differences were quite obvious because the shape was round or a broad oval. Wood handles continued to be used well into the s and probably even after that.

Antique Axes and Hatchets
  • They certainly did but in many cases they provided less expensive axes to areas where obtaining a replacement handle or even the original handle was required to be furnished by the user.
  • If it's old and from the farm, we're interested in it!
  • Various sources of information indicate that Plumb was one of the three earliest major North American axe manufacturers that exported axes to Australia.

Collectible and Vintage Axes and Hatchets

Indications are that Plumb added hatchets prior to adding axes to the line and those lines have withstood the effects of time. Heres my Plumb and Vaughn boy scout hatchets, another plum hatchet, Gaga redid one and gave it away in a contest too. Etching examples used as advertisements and by a California hardware wholesaler. Plumb took complete control of the company. Many such handles were fashioned by hand and a round or oval handle was far quicker to shape.

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