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The way i understand it is a end dump requires more flow gpm but lower pressure psi. We use regular end dump pumps to run our lowboy all the time! One option might be to put the T'ees and valves in giving you the option to connect to the truck system if the trailer motor fails. The trucks winch cab le is then connected to the front of the trailer.

Lowboy question

The only time I've had any trouble was on un-even muddy jobsites. Looking at a Lowboy that's self contained with a motor I'm wanting to run off a wet kit already on the truck would this be a simple fix or pretty costly. The truck gently winches the trailer up on to the ramp to the turntable, where it is locked and secured. Features Options Specifications Line Drawings. Paint Color Stocking colors are black and red, or custom matching is possible.

Lowboy question

Wet kit for lowboy

3 Easy Steps to Configure Work Truck Wetline Kits

Begin by deciding the specific application you will be utilizing and how many lines your trailer needs. You need to chat with a hydraulic expert near you that can help you set it up right. As long as you don't let your end dump dead end it should not be an issue.

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Hooked truck up to lowboy trailer and it wont lift a heavy load. The dump portion can run at any speed, the lowboy circuit needs to only run at idle if you plan on doing it with one pump on the truck. One thing I saw once was a Hi volume Lo pressure gear motor running a Lo volume Hi pressure pump as a convertor on an Aspen Lowboy years ago. Hook-up is a self guided V-style approach with auto lock safety pin.

  1. You wouldnt have to mess with the settings on the dump pump that way.
  2. That is how I have done it and it works for me maybe with drivers that don't care it might be a problem.
  3. Yep, find a two section gear type flow divider rated for your maximum flow and pressure, run the pressure line into it, and plumb one side outlet back to tank, the other to your lowboy.
  4. Available in Standard or Extra Polish finish.
  5. Essentially will give you half the flow and double the pressure, you would need a relief valve on the outlet if your system doesn't already have one.
  6. We'd appreciate any help you can offer in spreading the word of our new site.

The boom trough is the area between the wheels and leaves the space open for an excavator boom or similar long item. Reason I'm thinking wet kit trailer would be better, is bc it wouldn't get used that often and I'm afraid every time I needed it motor wouldn't start. But it Kinda made sense to me at the time.

Instead, you probably think about the function of each of these trucks. Some trailers are set up so you can either run the self contained engine or run it off your wet line. Aluminum Wheels Light weight. Liquid-filled Air Gauge Installed in a weather resistant enclosure in the middle of the trailer by the front suspension.

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Maybe i didnt understand your post but what are you doing about the pressure issue? It eliminates the short driveshaft and u-joints. The rear beavertail allows for loading over the axles and wheels from the rear of the trailer. If you use your truck for different kinds of jobs, Parker also offers the ability to create a combination system that allows greater flexibility in what trailers can be connected to your truck. Different king pin location options are available.

The winch cab le is disconnected from the trailer. Save on Freight by purchasing multiple trailers! Latest Posts Popular Topics. The rest is elementary just read instructions and connect the dots.

East says psi will blow the seals out on my dump trailer but lowboy requires psi to lift anything. Allows to lower the main deck when needing to detach the neck from the trailer, and raise the main deck after hookup. But, none of them could operate without a Wetline Kit and Parker has the most comprehensive configuration system. Loading a Jet Detach Trailer is simple and easy. Truck Shop might have more insight than this, or maybe somebody else.

Amazing how many folks will help you tear down your booth when they want to leave and you have theway blocked. Two main cylinders with one lift arm cylinder. Long lasting, Reduced maintenance, like very bright. Flat Ascending Flat Descending Threaded.

And any of you who have parked a loaded trailer over the weekend only to come back on Monday morning to find it sitting on its nose, can see the problem with the G B type. They're much easier than the old ground bearing type, where the pad on the bottom of the lift cylinder could sink in soft ground, or damage blacktop etc. Three tail lights are standard.

Manage Email Subscriptions. It also has O-ring ports for leak free hydraulics at high pressures, standard in-cab controls, chakotay faster unloading speeds and easy trailer connections. The flip axle is pinned and removable. But I never did any work on it. Multiple configurations to increase the visibility of the trailer in the dark.

Center decking and wood types are optional. If you look at my ram ps you will see they start well below the truck f ram e. Diamond and some others used the sliding hanger method for the most part.

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Wondering if there is a wet Kit that can do that. Reason I want to run off the wet kit is we already have them on the trucks, and I don't want to have to worry abt keeping another motor running. From there, you will need your transmission make and model number, which will allow it to tailor your part selections to your exact needs. Of course this can happen with swapping dump trailers also.

The truck is disconnected from the trailer by gently lowering down the ramp, to the ground by the winch cable. This is because the neck will hang down when on the trailer the rollers act as guides and reduce friction making every thing easier. Basically just by turning a couple of valves you can switch from one to the other.

For hook up and disconnect the usual procedure is dump air from susp back under neck apply power hear clunk connect lines and raise susp. It started right where a weld ended when the crossmember was attatched. King Pin Different king pin location options are available. Slid fifth wheel to desired position drive off. That would get me a higher pressure but would have to remember to back it off for my end dump so i dont blow out the cylinder.

Wet line setup

Increases the visibility of the trailer from the rear. One advantage to a self contained unit is that you don't have to worry about cross contamination of fluids. The mechanical uses the truck frame and power to lift back to operating position.

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Lowboy Trailers


  • If you install yourself the only critical thing is the backlash achieved by shims on trans mounting.
  • If one truck gets contaminated for any reason it easily gets into other trucks systems.
  • What is going to be a good solution to this?
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Now I only have to get in and out of the truck once when pulling the neck off. After those few pieces of information, the system will walk you step-by-step through the entire list of components needed to assemble a complete Wetline Kit. Have my truck set up with a wet kit for my end dump trailer. It is a nice option when you don't need a wet truck to connect. Front Gooseneck fenders Rubber Belt with brackets covers a greater area, free 100 allows for more protection than mud flaps.

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The last thing is does your semi have a one line wet kit or two now? Look for them off older trucks and you will likely find a good deal. Oversize Load package includes strobe lights and flag holders.

Truck & Transportation History

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