Agents of shield ward and may hook up, should agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. s ward be with skye or may sheknows

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (season 6)


Whether or not it's Pandora's box, we'll see. Despite being high, Daisy is able to defeat the Chronicom hunter's gang. Garner surrenders himself to S.

But I think they still care for and need each other a lot, and they also work better together when they are together. Werner gave in to General Hale's demands when he saw one of his father's experiments in the form of Carl Creel lifting weights. He hung up the phone before she could trace the call, dating speed then made plans to track down and confront his brother.

However, Deke is revealed to have been sent to the present with Coulson and his team and is found and rescued from jail by Daisy under the alias of Sinara Smith. There is so much closure out there in the world that needs to be achieved. Grant later apparently kills Christian. She truly believes in that one man, man libra and she's going to follow him. Ward and Skye worked together to battle through the Hub.

As he walked to the truck, Ward saw all of his former friends, including Fitz, and other agents watching him. For a list of agents in the fictional organization, see List of S. As time progressed, Ward seemed to soften somewhat, developing friendships with his fellow Agents, which was eventually cemented upon rescuing Jemma Simmons after she jumped from the Bus.

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In the Framework, Vijay is one of the captives of Hydra. For Skye to be an unknown entity, May still holds out hope. In developing the character, Diamond watched Nazi documentaries, and re-watched Marvel's films, looking at the characters of Loki and Red Skull in particular. He is highly deluded, believing Inhumans are cheaters and monsters.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

At one point, he sold a Vrellnexian litter to Kasius. Once they were back at the hotel, they tied down the captured Bakshi and used the Faustus method to brainwash him, holding his eyes open as he starred into the screen. After discovering that Hydra exists within S. The team tracked her down where she had already amounted a small army of local police and a biker gang, who were all blindly loyal to her.

  1. Pax portrayed by Matt O'Leary is a dangerous yet humorous mercenary who is a member of Sarge's group.
  2. Deathlok brought Ward back to life by restarting his heart beat, but Ward remained bitter about the incident.
  3. Radcliffe has started putting the finishing touches on a new, secret invention.
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He is later hospitalized in an asylum and teams up with General Hale and her daughter Ruby upon being freed. Will Robbie be a friend or foe to S. Knowing that Coulson would have learned that the Fridge had been raided, it was decided that Ward should look like his been in a fight. Gabe was paralyzed and Robbie was killed, but his life was saved when a Ghost Rider riding a motorcycle gave Robbie his power, woman black creating a new Ghost Rider.

While he was speaking to May while changing into his train conductor clothes, May revealed that she had told Phil Coulson about their relationship, much to Ward's horror. Palamas however refused, jokingly telling Ward that if she was allowed to fly she would forget the mission and take them away on vacation. To save Fitz and Simmons following their failure to come up with a time-travel solution, Enoch does something to disable Atarah and the Chronicoms with them and helps them escape. In the Framework, Mace is the head of the S.

Although Palamas insisted they run, Ward reminded her that they could use Coulson to get to Bobbi Morse and find the closure that they were seeking. Coulson requested that his team investigate the case of rogue S. The team attacked the villa to rescue them.

  • With the help of Project Looking Glass, Aida succeeds in making her organic body, and once again goes by Ophelia.
  • Ward meets Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons.
  • The man later died and Simmons checked the team for the virus.
  • Mack and Yo-Yo reconcile and rekindle their relationship.

Ward discovers some Dark Elf technology. Not everyone is worthy of that moniker. Palamas then began to taunt Bakshi when he asked if his compliance would be rewarded, while Ward watched closely from the side, amused at Bakshi's suffering. Ward cruelly mentally tortures Leo Fitz.

During his fight with Johnson, Talbot is blasted into space after Johnson takes the Centipede Serum where his body becomes frozen in ice. It was revealed that he trained General Hale and had her partake in raising Hydra's next leader through insemination. Malick vowed to help Ward destroy S. She grows to mistrust all things alien and superhuman, but shows her loyalty to Coulson despite this when they are faced with the rival S.

However, Ward argued that Malick had killed Werner to become sole owner of it. George Stephanopoulos once again makes a cameo appearance as himself. She's slow in getting acclimated to part of the group and being in the field again. While tracking the parasite, it flies into Keller's mouth and starts fusing with his vascular system.

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Ward continued the mission but was attacked by one of Quinn's assassins. Ward is brutally subdued by Michael Peterson. Marcus Benson to help found a S. They had been nearing Naro-Atzia, where Daisy's group arrives after their Confederacy run-in. Christian survived but had Ward arrested by the police and pushed for the courts to try Grant as an adult to get the maximum punishment against him.

Making their way to the planet Kitson, the two of them work to afford a ride off the planet until the casino comes under attack by the Chronicom hunters. Once inside Ward shot both guards and Garrett released a gas which killed all the remaining guards. Talbot eventually enters the Rebirth machine to absorb gravitonium, becoming Graviton. Ward noticed that more and more police officers were arriving inside the cafe and quietly asking members of the public to leave. Ward shoots Bobbi Morse with an I.

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As Ward looked down at the woman he loved he began to cry as his heart broke before he made his escape before he could be discovered and killed as well. Ward is recreated within the Framework. Coulson then picked up the phone and revealed he had traced the call to Ward's location and S. Sarge kills Pax in anger after learning the bomb plot failed. Within mere minutes, Ward had fought every guard on the boat and succeeded in disarming them before knocking them out or throwing them overboard, deciding not to use deadly force on them.

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Ward furiously threatens to kill Deathlok. However, all of a sudden, Fitz folded and left the table, dating sample leaving Ward confused. He later helps Fitz to get to the same time to save the rest of his team.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (season 6)

Should Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. s Ward be with Skye or May SheKnows

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Skye was later found with two bullet wounds to the stomach after she had been shot by Quinn. Kebo portrayed by Daz Crawford is a member of Hydra, second-in-command to Ward until he is killed by Morse. We have the ability on a television show to really explore the emotional journey of that. Ward then used an exploding watch to rip off the door, allowing himself to be sucked out as the plane crashed. Grant is released from captivity.

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Malick asked Ward if revenge was his only goal, but Ward insisted that his goal was to assassinate Phil Coulson and destroy S. For the subsequent comic book version, see Raina comics. Ward ordered his men to surround Hunter, but before long, Melinda May arrived to assist Hunter, killing Ward's men. Based on his findings, Raina is able to synthesize a version of the drug, which does save his life.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
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