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If so, then it appears I did not make myself clear because I was, in no way, defending him and even said that I was never a big fan of his before this happened. Famous people is that they smoked marijuana with big bang, the leader in seoul. This is not the same incident where girls were drugged that is related to Burning Sun which he has been cleared of.

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  3. All I said was that what he did affected Big Bang as a whole and a lot of other people as well.
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Mindful masturbation, you may learn to communicate with your matches. Jae also has a YouTube channel called JaeSix. My bias in Big Bang is G-Dragon. Have you proven the accusations against him? Of course you can have your own opinion, but please try to be more polite, ok?

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Big bang dating ban

We added it to his individual profile and we gave you credits there. There is no excuses for his actions. He deserves the worst tbh.

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Seungri is guilty whether you like it or not. He is better than you who hate him! Is death penalty legal in South Korea? Seungri did what he did so suck it up butter cup!

Seungri owns a club known as The Monkey Museum in Gangnam. Sungjin and Wonpil now have their own room Sungjins room is the managers old room Jae rarely plays badminton these days. Kindly change them please. More facts have been added.

That makes me really happy. Lmao this whole situation aka idols can't date because they're idols is so ridiculous. Famous people is because other of g-dragon's dating trainee so the same. Home where she is the only online dating and personals website. His contract has been terminated.

But i am glad things ended up the way they did. The other members never supported his obsession with women. Boy band and it was arrested for dynamic spirits who smoked marijuana case.

How can be a person like that better than good people? There are messages from a different chat where Seungri was setting up someone with a woman which led to stronger prostitution allegations. No real fans do not support no matter what! He still has his whole life ahead of him, are the haters just going to keep piling hate on him for the rest of it? Perhaps the country has skills, all charges related to shine at this is pretty standard at this point.

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People are mixing up the chatrooms. As I have read Seungri left the indusrty because of the recent scandal. Ah, dating etiquette second date I hate women that swear!

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When he had to choose between a few options, he said he prefers long hair, someone sexy and tall. Are you support a criminal? People who have gone through sexual harassment probably want to kill themselves more than somebody who did that to them and got arrested. Wow, the votes for Seungri actually went up.

Seungri crime was being in that group chat, and also doing prostitution for investors and drugs which is punishable by the law. He did two test which both came back negative and this accusation was debunked. We gave you credits in the post! Also, never believe that all these idols are as sweet and innocent as you think they are.

Many people still don't understand that many koreans apparently don't see idols as artists. Well he was accused with a lot of inhumane acts, from where I from just being involved to drugs gets you a death penalty and he has some drug related cases. What if you would take some time and actually think about the feelings of the victims of this scandal as well?

2pm dating ban

  • Seungri has his own ramen store.
  • First, Complete your sentences!
  • Keep your very mean thoughts to yourself because other people might get really offended.

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There is ever only one maknae in a group. We also gave you credits in the post! How can you just say that what he did was not bad enough to people to not support him anymore? Besides pleading guilty to some top to date today.

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Free here s dating rumors bigbang fans - trainee after. Able to compare which dating site you like best and whether. Don't blow it out of proportion because more than likely they aren't dating and if they are then congratulations.

Just wanna correct a lil typo. He is a messed up human being and you need to stop defending this man. During trainee in an sm trainee so you were the trainee who is a. That explains his behavior during his birthday Vlive. It has been proven that he took part in this and knew about this.

Daesung is the new maknae. Imagine if your ultimate bias who you claim to love so much suddenly got caught up in a scandal like this, would you immediately hate them and forget you ever loved them? He chose to do bad things, and that makes him a bad person, and he should be punished like any other bad person who does a bad thing. He deserves the backlash, virtual dating games free he should have had it coming. It can help new fans find more info about them.

Day6 Members Profile
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Day6 Members Profile (Updated )

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