16 and 21 year old dating, should a 21 year old be dating a 16 year old

My friends who are closer to the situation, as well as my mother are all in favor of me asking her out, but I wanted some unbiased opinions. You've gone through the experiences of living on your own, finding work, good dating and supporting yourself financially and emotionally. Just tell them how you feel. Many people will think less of you and her if you persue this.

Looking back, echoing brittanie, I was more flattered by the attention than really interested. The law says that you are capable of making this decision now, so I think you should do what feels right to you. Reminds me of my brother-in-law's cousin.

Take that thought even further, if they decide to press charges admittingly far-featched but still very possible, dad's a cop yo. One thing I don't understand is why love keeps coming up. Yeah, I assume it's something similar in the states. Right or wrong, dating site location based you have no defense.

21 year old and 16 year old dating

Sadly I often over think things, and that as well has caused problems with past and possible relationships. What's truly remarkable about Mr. If you have to post the question on ya maybe you are having some issues with it yourself.

16 and 21 year old dating

  • How long have you known him?
  • Especially with this discussion here, now, in the public record.
  • You can't prove you didn't have sex.
  • In my world this was normal and in his world it totally wasn't.
  • For her protection, and for yours.

How do I get my teen to stop masturbating so much? If it were me, I'd wait and see what college brings her, assuming she'll ber more independent from her family, out on her own etc. The age varies from state to state, i think you can find a map that shows it on google. For sex offenders, it is really, really not fun. Want to take her to get drunk with your friends?

16 and 21 year old dating

What ever happens, I wish you the best of luck. Be open and honest with yours. And as you see, it is a one of them topics that causes people to become angry and just spurt out their particular opinions without first thinking about what they want to say. And if you're worried that her wee heart will be broken, I'm sure she'll find someone new to crush by next week.

What matters greatly is the circumstances, mainly whether her parent s are likely to have you busted and declared a Sex Offender or not. You'll get crap from other people if the age discrepancy is apparent, but from the sound of it, it isn't. If he's waiting, he's expecting you to put out sometime soon.

Everyone will hate you in jail. You need to ask yourself what you both want out of this, specifically what he wants. And just because we want to date eachother doesnt mean we're going to be sexually active anytime soon. It's not worth the angst and worry you're already putting yourself through and will continue to do so until she's legal.

Should a 21 year old be dating a 16 year old

16 and 21 year old dating
16 and 21 year old dating
16 and 21 year old dating

Check out the divorce rate. It could work out, stranger things have happened. Suffice say they are really happy together.

This was a few years back, so I don't remember exact age. In the teens, a single year makes a big difference in terms of maturity. If this is love, true and deep, waiting a few years is nothing.

21 and 16 year olds dating is it okay - relationships taboo underage

Basicly, if she wants it, you can give it to her, but if she decides not, at any time. Just a recap of what I said before I don't intend, now, to go after some sort of relationship with her. Just wait until they break up. This will come in handy over the next few decades. So that must vary from state to state.

If she already has such a crush on you, how are you going to deal with dating without getting sexual? This is always essential when dating. Any grown man who is dating a minor is not the sharpest tack in the box. That fight has created a rift between us to this day my Mom and I. My biggest concern is and should be her, I don't want to hurt her or make her fear relationships at such an important time in her life for relationships.

16 year old girl dating a 21 year old guy..Is it wrong

16 year old girl dating a 21 year old it wrong
16 and 21 year old dating

You have to be very careful because it is easy to become pressured into something you do not want. You can fight City Hall on this concept, and maybe win, but it still means a fight. Having a cop in the family is always good.

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  1. Handle only with lead-lined gloves, and stay the hell away from her.
  2. If you can really see something blossoming between you two then that'll probably still be there in a couple of years.
  3. Let me give you an example.

Blackout, is that you are doing it in advance! But the situation you're in worked out for me, and it's been worth the hassle. On the off chance that she's the one for you, weed hookup san diego she'll still be there. Well age of consent is a very arbitrary concept.

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It's a shame that arbitrary laws criminalize what could be otherwise fulfilling relations between two people. And I got that, some of you are saying do it, but even with the support it still just doesn't seem right for some reason. As for the age difference being a problem between just you and her, I don't think it would be fair to you or her to not give the relationship a chance based on that. Take her up on some of those invitations to dinner, so you meet the parents. You could be as gentlemanly as is humanly possible, and he could still ruin your life.

You may be blinding yourself to this because you're close to the situation, but this is socially taboo in the extreme. None of the logic behind this may matter to her. If he's a good guy and you really love him, matchmaking software nakshatra then I don't see anything wrong with it.

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